2022 Winner: Field Guide to Birds of the UCSC Arboretum

Project Information
Field Guide to Birds of the UCSC Arboretum
Social Sciences
ENVS 183A & ENVS 183B (Senior internship)
The UC Santa Cruz Arboretum is a landscape of high floristic biodiversity, hosting rare and endangered plants found around the world. With high floristic biodiversity comes high avian biodiversity, and many of the birds that inhabit the Arboretum thrive in its protected and conserved environment. Being fascinated by the amount of birds that rely on the Arboretum as critical habitat, I decided to center my senior internship around creating a field guide to this space. The Field Guide to Birds of the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum is a natural history based project focusing on birds that are frequently seen in this biodiverse, 135-acre plot of land. The folding, waterproof field guide presents visitors with fifty-eight self-illustrated birds that are commonly seen in the gardens. The Arboretum has been a large component of my success as an undergraduate student and my hope is that the guide will inspire others to identify many unique birds while also learning about the importance of conservation.

Please note: the images included here are not meant to be used as the guide itself, but rather demonstrate what the guide looks like before folding. More readable web versions are coming soon.
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  • Grace Rae Brieger (Cowell)