2022 Winner: Organoid-Ion Pump Integration

Project Information
Organoid-Ion Pump Integration
Electrical and Computer Engineering/ Biological Engineering
The goal of this project was to integrate a bioelectronic ion pump for use with cerebral organoids. This allows researchers to deliver ions and charged molecules to specific areas of the organoid with a high level of control over the amount delivered as well as the ability to deliver the ion without its co-ion. The primary method was to use an ion pump previously developed by Dr. Marco Rolandi’s group to deliver potassium ions to an organoid, causing an increase in electrical activity which was verified using calcium imaging. This integration was first attempted with an ion pump used for in vitro studies with cells. However, inconsistent fabrication on this device soon led me to use the smaller, simpler in vivo ion pump. Multiple attempts were made to adapt the ion pump to the organoid, however successful calcium imaging results were not achieved, leading to further research into the expected electrical signals of the organoid. Further fine tuning in the characterization of both the organoid’s expected electrical activity and the device is still necessary to prove successful integration.
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  • Elana M Muzzy (Nine)