2021 Winner: In Absentia

Project Information
In Absentia
Film 175
<In Absentia> is a virtual exhibition that explores the art of healing in these uncertain times. As the COVID-19 pandemic transforms our personal, academic, and professional experiences, it challenges our perception of even the most ordinary qualities of life that often go unappreciated. Experiencing a global absence due to the coronavirus, our understanding of the "new normal" is constantly in flux. Even with the limited means to create, <In Absentia> experiments with archive materials and online resources to illustrate the meaning of time, mediation of technology, comfort of space, spontaneity of encounter, and recollection of memory. These dedicated topics revolve around the theme of pandemic to share the real life stories of Gioh Sung. The goal of this virtual exhibition is to share a truthful reflection of hardship and prosperity involved in navigating the pandemic for the first time. While acknowledging the resilience of humanity in times of disruption, this project encourages the viewers to redefine the meaning of quotidian things to help find some semblance of stability and hope during the pandemic.
  • Gioh Sung (Cowell)