2020 Winner: A Portrait of G.H. Wells

Project Information
A Portrait of G.H. Wells
FILM 179A: Special Topics in Animation: Stopmotion & Mixed Media)
A Portrait of G.H. Wells focuses on giving viewers a window into the life and world of a man who loves to paint. Although Wells isn't well known, he paints because thats what he does. He follows his passions without need for fame or mass success, and inspires us to do the same. This portrait not only creates a broad image of man we can all see in ourselves, but further creates a portrait of the world we live in. By focusing on various minor details of design such as an antique matchbook, a small memo book, fancy sugar packets, and the various other purposely selected items, A Portrait of G.H. Wells represents more than a single human, but rather the collective experience of the world that surrounds us. These handpicked items contribute to an emblematic experience of how on can represent the a perspective on the world by centering on an unknown individual.
  • Eli Samuel Crespin (Kresge)
  • Katelin Kai-Lin Ong (Stevenson)
  • Laura Elena Gonzalez (Cowell)
  • Yvonne Lizeth Gonzalez (Crown)