2019 Winner: Virtual Reality Video Games for Eye Disability (Lazy-Eye)

Project Information
Virtual Reality Video Games for Eye Disability (Lazy-Eye)
Computational Media
This paper discusses a virtual reality (VR) video game we created for use as therapy for treatment of the neurological eye disorder, Amblyopia. Our Amblyopia therapy entails adhering a Bangerter foil (an opaque sticker) on a VR headset to blur vision in an Amblyopic person's dominant eye while having them play a VR video game. If they want to perform well in the video game, their brain must adapt to rely on seeing with their weaker eye, reforging that neurological connection. Our findings from this study generally show positive results, implying that visual acuity increases with 45 minutes of VR therapy.
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  • Ocean Lavonne Hurd (Crown)