2017 Winner: Removal of Oxoanion Pollutants via Silver Bipyridine Acetate

Project Information
Removal of Oxoanion Pollutants via Silver Bipyridine Acetate
Physical and Biological Sciences
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Due to anthropogenic activity, pollution in the environment is increasingly visible. As a result, there is increasing incentive to find strategies to remove pollutants in order to preserve the environment for future generations. One particularly notorious class of pollutants are toxic oxoanions which are dangerous due to their long lifetimes and ability to move through aqueous and biological systems. Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a new class of materials that have garnered incredible amounts of attention in past years due to their unique structural features and high degree of tunability. While much of the interest over the past twenty years has been focused on the synthesis and characterization of new MOFs, recently attention has shifted to exploiting the unique characteristics of these materials. In this study, silver bipyridine acetate was shown to be an effective material for remediation of a variety of oxoanions in aqueous systems such as aquifers.
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  • Derek Chase Popple (Merrill)