2017 Winner: Marshall

Project Information
FILM 196A- 01 Senior Project in Narrative Production
"Marshall" is a short fictional film aimed at understanding the balance an individual must find between the natural world and the manmade, concrete world. It questions and studies our relationships with ourselves, with our families and communities, with material objects, and with urban humanity and nature. The film is divided into four chapters, each symbolic of an element (water, land, fire, and wind), which are audio-visually representative and connected to the human experience. "Marshall" derives its mood and meaning by the use of a specifically crafted color palette, explicitly curated cinematographic techniques, and powerful voiceover poetry. The goal of the film is an attempt to make sense of one’s place in society, of finding true identity in the self as opposed to in things. It functions as a meditative and self-reflective film for the viewer, grappling with what is most important to us as human beings.
  • Benjamin Howland Gartzman Judkins (Kresge)