2017 Winner: Ola

Project Information
Film 172
A short film on environmental protection and the crisis of liberation from the systems of power that oppress us.
In this FICTIONAL NARRATIVE, Cecilia goes to the extreme in her necessity and determination for liberation; primarily of her daughter Alma, and subsequently of the ecosystems of our Mother Earth. The sea shell is a metaphor, it is symbolic for the spirit of the sea as well as a certain oil company (among many) responsible for its systemic annihilation.
Although I pose the solution of violence in order to achieve liberation, this in itself could be seen as a metaphor as well. What I'm saying is we need to be aggressive and bold in our efforts and acts of revolution whatever they may be, physical, intellectual, it doesn't matter. It is understood we all have different lives and different duties as revolutionaries, but nothing can be achieved if we don't act at all. In this FICTIONAL story, one example of action is explored though it is not the only form of action one could take.
This film act is open to interpretation and conversation.
  • Emilio Kobak (Porter)