2017 Winner: UCSC iGEM 2016 Individual Thesis

Project Information
UCSC iGEM 2016 Individual Thesis
UCSC iGEM 2016 (BME 188A/B)
International Genetically Engineered Machine, or iGEM for short, is a student-oriented competition that allows students to bring a complex idea in bioengineering to fruition. Besides allowing participants to delve into synthetic biology, engineering, and other core sciences, iGEM gives students the opportunity to form cohesive teams with an emphasis on interpersonal communication, motivating friendship, and academic growth. The 2016 UC Santa Cruz iGEM team concentrated on the production of sweeteners using bacterial cultures. These cultures had to be sustained and monitored in a manner that yielded metabolic byproducts at relatively low cost through experimental setups replicable by those interested in DIY molecular biology or by other student groups. The team developed a bioreactor to test the sweetener-producing bacteria.
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  • Henry Julian Hinton (Merrill)