2022 Winner: All Day I Dream About Soil

Project Information
All Day I Dream About Soil
ART 125
In All Day I Dream About Soil, a solo exhibition at the Sesnon Underground from Oct 29 - Nov 19, 2021, a range of recent works co-mingled -textile pieces, both on the wall and interactive on the ground, shared space with photographs. both black and white and color, and a dynamic, changing sculpture series. All considered the role of the self in relation to the other-than-human world, and how we are impacted through loss, whether personal, social, ecological or even anticipatory. The intersection of death/grief and compost/decomposition has been the primary subject of my work since immigrating to the U.S. from Vancouver, Canada in 2016. Amidst this relocation and a series of devastating losses which followed, my practice took a turn from primarily Social Practice to a more solitary form of research and making involving private ritual and iterative practices. At its core, my current practice is interested in making space for experiences of both wonder and awe at the transformative and regenerative power of the soil food web and the deepening awareness of what is at stake in the complex, concurrent crises of the Anthropocene. Between these two states is a potentially rich site of unlearning the myth of individualism and embracing interconnectedness. Feminist science, secular ritual, and somatic laboratory are some of the facets I attempt to facilitate with my work. The exhibition supported many ways of knowing from somatic experience through interaction with the living materials present in the works to more traditional intellectual and conceptual modes of thought, making space for the integration of grief and the sharing of hope for the future.
  • Aja Rose Bond (Cowell)