2021 Winner: Komaplastics: Cellulose-Based Biodegradable Agricultural Plastic

Project Information
Komaplastics: Cellulose-Based Biodegradable Agricultural Plastic
BME 188A-C
Conventional bed mulch films are a considerable source of plastic waste and pollution. This project aims to design a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from bacterial cellulose (BC) to replace contemporary agricultural films. The creation of an amorphous cellulose is a prerequisite to the addition of plasticizer. Cellulose dissolution and amorphous cellulose production has been accomplished with ionic liquids, but CBM integration will be investigated as an alternative dissolution method as it is likely more compatible with a co-culture production scheme. Several plasticizers have been tested for their ability to plasticize cellulose while more plasticizer tests are underway.
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  • Kyra Skye Eyerman (Porter)
  • Rachel A Mace (Cowell)
  • Melody Saravi Azimi (Nine)
  • Alicia Charlotte Jorgenson (Eight)
  • Sophia Alexis Huei Min Sneddon (Eight)
  • Navdeep Singh Kalkat (Ten)
  • Joshua Robert Elkins (Oakes)
  • Claudia Fiorella Paz Flores (Ten)
  • Faith Marie Williams (Crown)
  • Taylor Ann Ziccardi (Cowell)
  • Gabriel Sanchez (Kresge)
  • Neil Oliver Smith (Merrill)
  • Thomas Conor Kensok (Porter)