2019 Winner: Waterlab 3

Project Information
Waterlab 3
Waterlab is a water purification technology built to provide enough usable drinking water to sustain the daily intake requirements of around nine hundred individuals. Our system features multiple internal filter components that can successfully clean water up to the EPA drinking standard to ensure quality water for its users. Waterlab is also an off-grid system powered solely by renewable energy technologies to ensure functional longevity and environmental sustainability. This allows our system to operate at any time of the day or night. Lastly, our system contains an easy to use interface built on top of an autonomous control system to make our system responsive for the user and reactive to errors. This technology has been implemented to provide a portable solution for the lack of clean drinking water experienced by the large group of unfortunate communities that still exist in our world today.
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  • Jared Jonathan Roberts (Ten)
  • Randall Jamison Abel (Porter)
  • Alexander James Koran (Stevenson)
  • Joshua Douglas Spangler (Nine)
  • Liam Thomas Corcoran (Crown)