2017 Winner: Immigration Game

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Immigration Game
ArtG 129
I do not speak for every immigrant I am simply another immigrant with hope and dreams. At the age of twelve, I came to the United States because of my family sold everything they had back home to pay for a heart operation for my brother, and I was scared for my life in the country I was born because at the time I knew kids like me who got kidnapped for their organs. That's my reason I immigrated with my mother at the age of twelve.

Once I came with my mother was placed in ESL(English as Second Language) and was there for three years; while being in those classes I got to meet many people who came to the united states for different reasons, all of them had different challenges and their own story.

With recent political stress and ongoing news of the president, it worries me that we immigrants are seen as bad people. All I have done my whole life is study and work really hard for my family because our sacrifices have not been in vain.

I am a Games and Playable Media student that want to pursue a career making games to help people. I believe that games can help the world a better place. In ArtG 129: Special Topics in Game Design we were assigned to create a game personal narrative game. In this game, I want to show something I noticed over the years while listening to stories, talking to people and reading about others immigrant stories. A game where the whole system is meant for the player to not win; the game is meant for the player to feel frustration, and being tired of systems that are not fair, and that don't help people to succeed. I want the player to have a little of the experience that a lot of us (immigrants feel from the place we come from) and why we might move from the place we were born. the second part of the game allows the player to experience some challenges I encountered while adapting to a new culture and language.
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  • Hesiquio Mendez Alejo (Oakes)