2013 Winner: The "Fortuyns" of Europe

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The "Fortuyns" of Europe
History 196Q "Europe and the Cold War
Northern European countries have gained an image of being progressive and forward thinking in the post-1945 era. The Netherlands is perhaps the best example of this open-minded reputation. The passage of controversial legislation in legalizing gay marriage, euthanasia, prostitution, and unenforced soft-drug policy has earned the country praise and criticism from nations around the world. When looking at these liberal advances it is difficult to imagine that a racist and xenophobic politician could achieve widespread support. Yet by 2002, the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn rallied a massive following behind his anti-Islamic platform and became the most influential man in the country. How could such a figure rise to prominence in a society that also voted for such tolerant reforms? This paper will explore how exploitation of the fear surrounding Islamic immigration and the decline of a political identity in Europe led to these contradictory developments in Holland’s recent past.
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  • Cory Schiff (Nine)