2013 Winner: Sean Hayward - Senior Recital

Project Information
Sean Hayward - Senior Recital
Music 196B
This project was a concert held on Sunday, February 24th 2013 at the UCSC Recital Hall. As a composer and performer, I prepared a formal presentation of much of the work that has occupied me for the last four years. My purpose was too continue the expansion of aesthetic and conceptual ideas which govern the creation and performance of new musical works, as well as to showcase my own technical and expressive abilities as a performer. Above all, I aimed (and continue to aim) to entertain the ears and enliven the mind. To describe my work as a unified whole would be a difficult task indeed. Having said this, I endeavor to explain the work I have completed in a few areas which concern me specifically. These areas include the traditional repertoire of the classical guitar, tuning theory, electroacoustic performance, interdisciplinary media, and the incorporation of elements of non-Western music (especially North Indian, Turkish, and Javanese musics).
  • Sean Hayward (Kresge)